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Programm Management.ingenieria

Design and certification on board systems
Monitoring and support of projects
Technical procedures of a program.
International Programs.
Industrial cooperation .

Engineering Bulletins

Editing engineering bulletins, certification and approval of modifications, upgrades or replacement of avionics equipment or mission on civil and military aircrafts.

Quality consultant

Design Organisation Approval / EASA Part 21J DOA
Organization of Production / POA EASA Part 21 G
MOA Maintenance Organization Approval EASA Part 145
Design Approval Organization for the Defense / ROD INTA
Audits EASA / CAA and EASA.
Quality Manuals and design methods and ISO 9001 EN 9100

Support lifecycle

Management serviceable, spare parts and stock
Technical Documentation
Management program material.
The contracting procedures.
Extensive network of suppliers
Español (spanish formal Internacional)English (United Kingdom)
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